Hello All


Welcome to my new website where I will be both posting on what I’m doing, thinking and working on plus more. Give me some feed back on what I should talk about maybe what I should check out. All the of that stuff helps a lot. I haven’t been active on YouTube or Twitch.tv for a while now and that’s because I feel I need to have a little bit less of stress in my life. I will still be posting videos and doing streams just not as common and I will not be running of a schedule. I don’t know how much content I will get out, but I would like to get out a lot in the future of my channel. Creating videos is a very enjoyable experience for me, and I would love to continue it through out my life. and I would love to continue doing streams on Twitch.tv. I love to do development streams and stream games, although I don’t stream very long sometimes only 1 hour, I still think its worth it as I meet new people and get to interact with followers and subscribers. Thank you for reading this if you have any suggestions for what I should check out or post please feel free to leave them in the comments below.



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