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I have been recently playing the Resonant Rise Mod Pack and have added it to the Metromine server. And I would like to share my experiences with it! So what is this mod pack all about you ask?
“By fans of modded Minecraft for fans of modded Minecraft, this Mod Pack contains what we feel is the very best Minecraft modding has to offer. Whether your focus is on building something big, something small or even something pretty, we have the mods for you.”
Those words come directly from the ATLauncher pack which can be viewed here.
So how was my experience with the pack you may ask?
Well lets start off with installing it hey? Alright so installing the pack is very simple first of you want to download the ATLauncher which is kind of like the FTB Launcher but updated as it holds both private, semi-public and public mod packs and vanilla to download. So you select the resonant rise mod pack and choose the version simple hey? Well next you want to download the mods and download the ones tell you to manually download! once that is all done you should have it downloaded and ready to launch. Like all other packs these do take a while to load as they have a lot of mods to load. But once its done you should have a 100+ mods sounds awesome hey? It sure does. Well next you create a world as you would do in any other pack or vanilla Minecraft. So the world is loaded hey? Well that’s awesome! You better get to work and setup a base for the night because there are a lot of scary things at night!
So what do I think overall about this mod pack? Well I find everything to be well balanced including ore gen, mods and more. I managed to find a lot of iron which is common in this pack and got setup very quick. I soon found my self building a village on the Metromine server as my base. I think this mod pack should have more exposure as its such a great pack and is very fun to play I think I have played over 24 hours so far on this pack in about 3 days. So thank you Resonant Rise team for creating such a great pack and I hope to see it continue as there is no other pack like it around. 
Rating 10/10



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